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Accredited. Home Schooling. Live Classes.

About Sycamore Academy

Our school is focused on quality education and is a great tool for keeping families connected and involved in the full development of each child. Our program is accredited, affordable, and individualized for each child.

We are here to help you whatever your reason for homeschooling. We are here to answer questions and help you make the right decision for your family.

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Live Classes

Because everyone is so busy and the competition is fierce, you want to be assured that you have chosen the best educational program for you!

Our qualified teachers will guide your child step by step.

Teachers meet daily with students via Zoom Meeting.

The small class size insures that your student receives individual attention and stays on task.

Sycamore Academy teachers use proven teaching strategies and provide mastery-based learning techniques.

Our live classes have proven to be an invaluable aid in homeschool education.


“Thanks for a WONDERFUL semester of art class! It has been TONS of FUN!!”

S.M., student

“I am so pleased you are there for my homeschool needs. Your prices are fabulous! I look forward to many more years with Sycamore Academy.”

D.L., Parent

“I would have to say I really enjoyed listening to my son and his language teacher. She really has a way of getting him to write so beautifully for her.”

T.R., parent

“The teachers are so helpful, and I am learning so much! I really love all the students and teachers; they are great! I can see the students, and I get to interact with other kids my age.”

M.H., student
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