Online Services

Enrollment Package
Upon enrollment the student will receive an Enrollment Packet, with the Enrollment Form, Student ID, and other necessary forms.

Professional Educational Guidance
Guidance is provided by phone and email. A credentialed teacher is on staff during office hours to answer any questions you may have.

Flexible School Year
We have a flexible schedule–enrollments are accepted at any time during the school year–even for high schoolers.

Maintenance of Cumulative Records
Cumulative files are kept for each student.  We will send for records from your child’s previous school (optional for elementary students) upon request, and send them on with your accumulated Sycamore Academy records as your child moves into another school environment.

Standardized Testing and Evaluation
The Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills is provided to all students enrolled in our program. It will be evaluated by a professional scoring service. Performance results are mailed to parents and a copy will become part of your child’s permanent record.

Student Body Cards
Each student receives a photo ID student body card identifying him/her as a student in Sycamore Academy. This is useful for obtaining student discounts.

Legal Services
A group plan with a discount group rate is provided through Home School Legal Defense Association. This organization provides support and legal aid when public personnel question your homeschooling. It is strongly recommended that you join this group although it is not required.

High School Diploma
Upon completion of the high school program and demonstrated performance on proficiency tests, the student receives a diploma, printed in gold. Students with the Sycamore Academy diploma have attended many colleges, universities, and entered the armed forces. All high school classes must be documented, either by us or by the previous school. Credit for classes taken at local Junior Colleges may be applied to the high school graduation requirements. We also give credit for approved work experience.

High School Transcript
Upon graduation or transfer, Sycamore Academy will provide a transcript. This transcript can be sent to public and private schools or colleges.