Would you like to know what people think of Sycamore Academy and Sycamore Academy?

Here is just a sampling of comments we’ve received.

Thank you for sending your catalog and for your support of our efforts.   Thanks too for your prompt response!  We have several families who are homeschooling and they will be blessed to have access to your materials.
Mrs. P.W., Germany

You are doing an excellent job meeting my family’s needs.
Mrs. B.P., WA

I am impressed with the professional and courteous attention I have received.   As a result I am relieved to say that I am filled with courage and inspiration.   I have the firm belief that The Sycamore Academy can help us achieve our aim.
Mrs. C.D., VA, A Sycamore Academy Mom

I would like to express my appreciation to your warehouse staff for their courteous and efficient expediting of my problem. 
Mrs. L.L., PA

We are happy with The Sycamore Academy’s program and my kids love the mailed materials you send us every month.  My son was happy to receive a birthday card from the school.
Mrs. J.H., CA, A Sycamore Academy Mom

Thanks so much for the notes to the boys (and the stickers!)  It made them feel good to know that we’re a part of a much bigger school. 
Mrs. R.M., CA, A Sycamore Academy Mom

I just love all the unique products you carry.  Thank you for carrying such neat stuff.
Mrs. J.S., OH

Thank you for your faithful hard work for my dear son and all the students in your program.
Mrs. T.B., CA, A Sycamore Academy Mom

We want to say thank you for the 15 years of service you gave to us.   We have appreciated all your time, and accountability.  God used you to offer a name for our children to identify with as students enrolled in The Sycamore Academy.   The character in our children is far better because we chose to teach them at home.   Thank you for being a part of our lives.  We appreciate you.
Mrs. B.B., CA, A former Sycamore Academy Mom

Thank you for the wonderful packets every month.
Mrs. C.S., PA, A Sycamore Academy Mom

Thank you for sending such a wonderful catalog!
Mrs S.M., OH

I have been extremely impressed by your wonderful customer service–emphasize “service!”  Thank you for all your consideration and integrity.
Mrs. K.T., NC

GREAT CATALOG–the best one I’ve received in a long time.  We’ll be ordering again. 
Mrs. V.S., ME

Thank you so much for the free shipping in November.  What a wonderful Christmas present.  I was able to get three more books because of it.
Mrs. W.B., CA

Thank you for all your help.
Mrs. J.M., TX, A Sycamore Academy Mom

We really enjoy your monthly enrichment packets and all your materials.
Mrs. E.B.,OH, A Sycamore Academy Mom

Thank you for your time, your efforts, your assistance, and your faithful ministry to homeschooling families like ours.  I never hesitate to give your catalog out, along with endorsement for enrollment and the benefits thereof.  Thanks again.
Mrs. C.S., IL, A Sycamore Academy Mom

I feel like I have gotten to know you all these years.  I’m your biggest fan.
Mrs. V.P., KY, A Sycamore Academy Mom

I want to thank you for your comments.  They were very helpful, and I appreciate any help in my school and learning.
A.L., CA, A Sycamore Academy High School Student

Thank you for your “catalog of many choices” and your always prompt service and response.
Mrs. L.O., OH

Thank you for the birthday card and the bookmark.  I like them very much.  My mom says I am doing very good in school and she says I got a B.   Thank you.
J.A., OK, A Sycamore Academy Fifth Grade Student

I just requested a catalog from you website and it was the easiest one yet.  I have been on other sites and had to look long and hard to find where I could request a catalog or I ended up just emailing them. 
Mrs. J.G., by email

Thank you for your services.  Now that I’m moving, I’ll miss your “Open House Wednesdays” but I’m glad I can still order your materials. 
Mrs. D.S., OR

Thank you for your reply by email.  I have been very pleased with your service and you offer all the basics I need from my homeschool and a lot of other fun stuff also.
Mrs. J.V., by email

Thank you for your kind assistance.  Since we were late enrollees, your assistance was very helpful. 
Mr. V.G.. SC, A Sycamore Academy Dad

I really want to thank you for the warm and priceless service you have given our family.  From the details that you minded on our behalf to the questions you answered so patiently and thoroughly for me, your organization has been a tremendous blessing to us.
Mrs. L.R., LA, A Sycamore Academy Mom

My daughter loves the packet of exciting new ideas and papers we receive from The Sycamore Academy each month.
Mrs. M.L., OK,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

I would like to thank you for your donation for our science fair and for your support of the homeschooling effort.

I like homeschooling because I see my family all day.  We grow better in the Lord so we get along better.  I don’t learn to hate my family or say bad words.  Now that I’m homeschooling I love my family much better.
R.C., GA,  A Fifth Grade Sycamore Academy Student

I greatly appreciate you and your work at Sycamore Academy.
Mrs T.B., VA,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

I frequently assist families in choosing high school homeschooling materials, and I have found that your catalog is the best for finding quality upper grade materials as well as good lower grade level materials.
Mrs. C.S., IL

Thanks for your excellent service.  It has been a real pleasure for us to deal with your wonderful Christian business and homeschool center.
Mrs. W.S., FL

Thank you for the many years of support!  We’ve enjoyed being part of the Sycamore Academy family.
Mrs. L.C., CA,  A former Sycamore Academy Mom

I thank God for this school.
Mrs. H.H., CA,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

I’m very thankful for the good Christian educational materials that you provide!
Mrs. M.H., AR

We thank you and all your staff very much for another year, for all your hard work and hours that you put in for us homeschoolers.  We truly appreciate it.
Mrs J.C., Canada,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

Thanks so much for all your help this year.
Mrs. W.S., GA,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

We’re very happy with your service. 
Mrs. C.S., PA,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

My kids had a great year, thanks to The Sycamore Academy.  Thank you for the encouragement throughout the year.
Mrs. C.S., OH,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

It has been a pleasure working with you these last four years.   Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and advice. 
Mrs. L.J., CA,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

I see my 10th grade son beginning to enjoy the learning process for it’s own sake.  We have connected more as a family in the past nine weeks than we have since his preschool days as a small child.
Mrs. B.O., FL,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

Thank you for your help.  I would like to say I sincerely appreciated the help I received from your warehouse supervisor on my order this year.   She was a wonderful help and extremely patient.
Mrs. B.R., AK,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

Our experience with homeschool was a very positive one.  We look forward to continuing.  Your program offers a lot of support and helps me to stay on track.
Mrs. S.D., RI,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

Thank you for all your help and support.  Homeschooling was the best thing that we ever did for our son and it has given him an enjoyment for learning that he never had in public school.  Now, thanks to The Sycamore Academy, he is really enjoying college.
Mrs. B.D., CA,  A former Sycamore Academy Mom

We have appreciated the comments each quarter and the enrichment packets.  The have been fun to read through.
Mrs. T.K., KS,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

My husband and I would like to thank all of you at the Sycamore Academy for making this possible for us, by providing the excellent structure and materials to help us move along smoothly.  You provide an excellent service indeed!
Mrs. B.O., FL,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

I would like to thank you for the great enrichment packs.  The are real time savers and a great source of ideas and a wonderful resource. 
Mrs. L.B., MT,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

I can truly say the home-based learning is the ideal environment for my son, and I can see him relaxing day by day.  All the stress and negativity related to school in general and “grades” in particular is disappearing.
Mrs. B.O.,  A Sycamore Academy Mom

Your catalog is fantastic!–the best one I have found yet!  I am looking forward to placing my more orders.
Mrs B.R., CA

It has been five incredible years of enrollment in The Sycamore Academy for our daughter and our family.  Homeschooling has been a blessing from God to us.   She is a living example of the product your system of the product your system creates.  We thank you and pray for you to expand.
Mr. J.O., OH, A Sycamore Academy Dad

I really enjoy reading your catalog!  Although I have only ordered once, I was very pleased with your service and your products.  My daughter is only two now so I look forward to many, many years of doing business with you.
Mrs. H.L., NC

You have a great catalog filled with great things.  I really like to see the best homeschool stuff in one place.  (Less time spent gathering, filling order forms, less shipping and handling, etc.)  I also appreciate the reasonable costs of many items.
Mrs. C.W., IL

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am so pleased you are out there for my homeschool needs.  Your prices are fabulous and delivery is prompt and accurate.  The selection of material you have is GREAT too!  I look forward to many more years of service.
Mrs. J.C., IL

I’m truly looking forward to working with you when we begin our daughter’s high school work due in large part to all of the wonderful help and wealth of information the staff has offered me up to now.  Thanks for being such a great and reliable place for me to turn to whenever I’ve needed you. 
Mrs. D.W., NC, A Sycamore Academy Mom

I can never thank you enough for your courteous, thorough and prompt service.  May God bless you richly and beyond your wildest imaginations.  
Mrs. L.R., LA, A Sycamore Academy Mom