Frequently Asked Questions about our Textbook Program

  • Our purpose is to provide an alternative educational program, enabling parents to teach their children at home.  This allows parents greater control over the development of the characters of their children as well as the building of a firm foundation of basic skills.  We believe parents should have the option to teach their children at home.  No one cares as much about a child as his or her own parents.  No traditional classroom can provide as much individual attention as the parent.  We believe that the combination of parental love and professional guidance by credentialed educators will result in the most effective educational program.  We believe the best educational program is based on the Bible.

  • Yes, Sycamore Academy is fully accredited by the AdvancED SACS CASI (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement).

  • Sycamore Academy started in 1981 and incorporated in 1982.  We were the first school and catalog in the world solely dedicated to homeschoolers.

  • With the exception of the online school, the parent is the instructor.  You may call our office for any help you need.  Help is always available.  In some cases, a grandparent, other relative, or a friend is the instructor.

  • Guidance is provided by phone or mail. We offer help with questions regarding choice of materials, program structure, time schedules, lesson planning, teaching techniques, evaluations, student problems, motivation, and presentation of lessons. We have even helped parents work out math problems in order to explain them to their children!  A credentialed teacher is on staff during all office hours.

  • You have unlimited calling into our office or email access to our staff for any problem you may have including academic needs and motivation.

  • You have a choice of a traditional or year-round program with Sycamore Academy. 180 school days are required, but you may choose which schedule you want to use. Tuition is only paid on a 10-month basis, September through June, even if your program extends into the summer.

  • Each quarter a credentialed teacher will review your lesson plans, student work samples, and progress reports and will send you a written evaluation. Occasionally a teacher will call you with special concerns. This teacher will be assigned to your family for the full year for continuity and your optimum success.  You will receive your evaluation in about three weeks.

  • The parent assigns the grades with guidance from us.

  • Family files are kept in our office for progress reports, materials lists, health records, report cards, test results, parent/teacher comments, etc. We will send for records from your child’s previous school (optional for elementary students), and upon request, send them on with your accumulated Sycamore Academy records as your child moves into another school environment.

  • The comprehensive test of basic skills is provided to all students enrolled in our regular program at no additional cost.  Performance results are mailed to parents and a copy will become part of your child’s permanent record. We do not require children under the age of 8 to be tested, but offer it at the request of the parent.

  • You do not need to pay your year’s tuition all at once, but may divide it into 10 monthly installments. Also, we offer a per-family fee rather than a per-child fee. There is no limit to the number of children who may be enrolled from the same family for the basic yearly tuition fee.

  • Any language, including sign language, will meet our high school program requirement.  We also offer foreign language programs for K-8.

  • A laboratory science is required for college-bound students.  Choices are Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

  • A group plan with a discount group rate is provided through Home School Legal Defense Association. This organization provides support and legal aid when public personnel question your homeschooling. It is strongly recommended that you join this group although it is not required.

  • Parents are responsible to provide an appropriate area for instruction/study and materials. Each parent needs to allocate daily teacher-directed time during school hours as needed for student success. Adequate lesson plans must be maintained for teacher guidance and program review. Parents are responsible to correct children’s work and assign grades. Reports will be provided to Sycamore Academy at the end of each quarter and include lesson plans, student work samples, and quarterly progress reports. Parents will also administer tests and keep attendance records.  With the online school, no lesson plans or reports are required.

  • Many parents are concerned about socialization for their homeschooled children. When you put your child into a classroom, they will unfortunately learn as much from their peers as from their teacher. Tôp 

    You have no control over what the other children are allowed to do, the television programs and movies they are allowed to watch, or the language they use. Are they being taught to be compassionate? to be kind? to be honest? Like it or not, the peer group has a great deal of influence over your child. Is this the kind of socialization you want for your child? When you are homeschooling, you can choose the groups you want your children to associate with through outside activities. Just be cautious in overscheduling.

    Another advantage that takes place when your children are not peer-dependent is that they will become the leaders in a social situation.Last of all, it’s more important for your child to feel comfortable around adults. When your child grows up, he will have a head start in dealing with the world.

  • Upon completion of the high school program and demonstrated performance on proficiency tests, the student receives an accredited diploma, printed in gold. Students with Sycamore Academy diploma have attended many colleges, universities, and entered the armed forces. All high school classes must be documented, either by us or by the previous school. Credit for classes taken at local Junior Colleges may also be applied to the high school graduation requirements. We also give credit for work experience.

  • Upon graduation or transfer, Sycamore Academy will provide a transcript. This transcript has been recognized by public and private schools as well as many colleges and universities around the nation.  They include subject, grade, and year each course is taken.

  • Students are required to spend an hour a day per subject for 180 days in order to receive a full year’s credit..  Most students take 5 to 7 subjects at a time.


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