Textbook Services

Text-based Curriculum Services

Enrollment Package
Upon enrollment, you will receive an Enrollment Packet with forms for curriculum choice and daily schedules, Quarterly Report forms, other needed forms, and a Lesson Plan book (if requested).  

Professional Educational Guidance
Guidance is provided by phone or mail. We offer help with questions regarding choice of materials, program structure, time schedules, lesson planning, teaching techniques, evaluations, student problems, motivation, and presentation of lessons. We have even helped parents work out math problems in order to explain them to their children! A credentialed teacher is on staff during all office hours.

Professional Quarterly Critiquing of Your Program
Each quarter a credentialed teacher will review your lesson plans, student work samples and progress reports and will send you a written evaluation. Occasionally she will call you with special concerns. This teacher will be assigned to your family for the full year for continuity and your optimum success.

Standardized Testing and Evaluation
A  comprehensive Test of Basic Skills is provided to all enrolled students at no additional cost. Performance results are emailed to parents and a copy will become part of your child’s permanent record. We do not require children under the age of 8 to be tested, but offer it at the request of the parent.

Easy Tuition Payments
You do not need to pay your year’s tuition all at once, but may divide it into 10 monthly installments. Also, we offer a per-family fee rather than a per-child fee. There is no limit to the number of children who may be enrolled from the same family for the basic yearly tuition fee.

Student ID Cards
Each student receives a Student ID card identifying him/her as a student in Sycamore Academy private school. This is useful for obtaining student discounts.

Legal Services
A group plan with a discount group rate is provided through Home School Legal Defense Association. This organization provides support and legal aid when public personnel question your homeschooling. It is strongly recommended that you join this group although it is not required.

Individualized Study Program
We will assist you in developing an individualized program. No one knows better than you, what your child’s capabilities and limitations are. For that reason, we will work with you in choosing a curriculum. You will receive a recommend materials list for each child you are enrolling. Materials lists are based on your child’s grade level and include both catalog and non-catalog items with recommendations base on ability. We believe in a multi-sensory approach, and for that reason, we offer choices for different types of learners. Also, you may choose a Bible-based or secular program. Students K-8 may enroll at any time. High School students must enroll at the beginning of a semester (with the exception of the online school).

Flexible School Year
You have a choice of a traditional or year-round program with Sycamore Academy. 180 school days are required, but these may be given at anytime. Tuition is only paid on a 10-month basis, September through June, even if your program extends into the summer.

Maintenance of Cumulative Records
Family files are kept for progress reports, materials lists, report cards, test results, parent/teacher comments, etc. We will send for records from your child’s previous school (optional for elementary students), and upon request, send them on with your accumulated Sycamore Academy records as your child moves into another school environment.

Parent Responsibility
Reports will be provided to Sycamore Academy at the end of each quarter and include lesson plans, student work samples, and quarterly progress reports. With the online school, no lesson plans or reports are required.

High school with Sycamore Academy

All of the above plus…

High School Diploma
Upon completion of the high school program and demonstrated performance on proficiency tests, the student receives a diploma. Students with Sycamore Academy diploma have attended many colleges, universities, and entered the armed forces. All high school classes must be documented, either by us or by the previous school. Credit for classes taken at local Junior Colleges may also be applied to the high school graduation requirements. 

Enrollment Requirements
We accept high school students anytime during the school year. Online classes may be started at any time as well.  For students enrolling in our high school program, you must either begin in the 9th grade or transfer from another school in order to receive a diploma from us. 

High School Transcript
Upon graduation or transfer, Sycamore Academy will provide a transcript. This accredited transcript is recognized by public and private schools as well as colleges and universities around the nation.

Extra Services

  • We will write letters of recommendation to your insurance for good student discount qualification.
  • We will supply high school students with our ID Code for proficiency tests and college exams (i.e. SAT and ACT).