Our purpose is to provide an alternative educational program, enabling parents to teach their children at home. By providing educational materials and strategic assistance, our goal is to give parents greater control over the development of their child’s character and the building of a firm foundation in basic skills.




We believe that the best educational program is one based on the Bible. Parents should have the option to teach their children at home. No one cares as much about a child as his or her own parents. No traditional classroom can provide as much individual attention as the parent. The combination of parental love and professional guidance will result in an effective educational program. Each child is an individual, therefore we offer you lots of flexibility in choosing a program for teaching

Advantages of Homeschooling With Sycamore Academy

Each child can receive individual attention. If he or she doesn’t understand a concept, the class will not go on without him. On the other hand, if he or she has mastered what is being taught, he or she doesn’t have to do page after page of practice. Since you do not have to turn in every page of work for us to check, understanding is more important than finishing every page. You can choose curriculum that fits your child’s own individual learning style. For example, visual children have a great sense of accomplishment upon finishing a workbook page while others dislike even writing their name at the top of the page and learn better through auditory and kinesthetic modes. Many studies have shown that home-schooled children exhibit superior academic progress. Sycamore Academy students repeatedly test in the top percentiles as compared with other children across the nation. Another advantage is that the family can take vacations when there are not a lot of other people traveling. If Dad or Mom has a day off, the whole family can enjoy it together and the school day can be made up at a later time. Family unity and closeness are increased. Home-schooled children frequently are social leaders in a group situation. This is because they feel more secure, generally have more self-confidence, and are usually independent thinkers. They are not as easily controlled by peer pressure and outside temptation. The nicest thing is that they develop their parent’s values rather than those of a peer group.