Graduation Requirements

Bridgeway Academy students have been impressing admissions officers for two decades, and much of it is due to our rigorous homeschooling requirements for graduation.  We’re proud to report that for yet another year, in 2012 every one of our college-bound students were granted admission to their top college choice. And those choices weren’t “safe schools” either.

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We’ve had students go to Boston University, Stanford, Amherst, Brown, Penn State, Virginia Tech and hundreds more.

And while our requirements are thorough and rigorous enough to impress the toughest admission committees, we are still dedicated to individualized learning programs. Bridgeway Academic high school students choose one of five academic tracks, each with their own set of homeschooling requirements.

Many of our students choose from one of two Bridgeway Academy tracks:

  • College Prep: designed for students aiming to attend state colleges and universities
  • Honors: designed for students applying to private institutions and ivy league universities

For information on our two other academic tracks, please feel free to contact us at 800-863-1474.  Keep in mind, too, though that your academic advisor will work with you to define the actual course and homeschooling requirements within each program to meet your specific needs.


Students may take classes from a local community college and receive credit toward graduation. Official transcript required.