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Live Classes

Receive unlimited support from our Academic Teachers and Advisors!

Because everyone is so busy and the competition is fierce, you want to be assured that you have chosen the best educational program for you! Our qualified teachers will guide your child step by step. Teachers meet daily with students via Zoom Meeting. The small class size insures that your student receives individual attention and stays on task. Sycamore Academy teachers use proven teaching strategies and provide mastery-based learning techniques. Our live classes have proven to be an invaluable aid in homeschool education.

Sycamore Academy’s experienced and qualified teaching professionals light the way for students to transition through each grade level and on to college. Video teaching is a great resource, but our students have found that having a “live” teacher enables them to ask real questions and receive instantaneous help that isn’t available by video. Difficult concepts Our teachers become a friend, advisor, and cheerleader for their students. This kind of support will have you grinning from ear to ear!